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The attorneys at Chadwick & Tignor come from all walks of life, which enables our firm a unique ability to truly give not only legal counsel, but real life advice to all of our clients. Litigation is expensive and should be reserved for the most serious legal issues that simply cannot be resolved through compromise. Our attorneys understand that most people just need help navigating the emotions involved with legal issues and we think “outside the box” to help our clients feel like they have achieved a win/win without breaking the bank.

Educated Advisors for all of Your Legal Needs

Partners Rose Tignor and Connie Chadwick have over a decade of experience in all facets of everyday law, as well as backgrounds in real estate, mortgage and construction industries. Attorney Connie Chadwick is a seasoned litigator who has helped her clients navigate turbulent times in court while making the best possible decisions for their family’s future. Attorney Rose Tignor is an experienced mortgage broker and home loan advisor who knows how to effectively navigate today’s complex housing market.

Dedicated to their clients’ needs, Chadwick and Tignor bring a strong combination of experience, research and education to their multifaceted law practice.

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