Tennessee Dog Bite Accidents

It’s been said that a dog is a person’s best friend, but many people are seriously injured by dog bites every year. If you were bitten by a dog and live in the Spring Hill, Tennessee area, it is critical to immediately seek medical attention to determine if any treatment is needed and to prevent further injury such as an infection; a dog that is carrying a disease can cause significant harm. In fact, in 2015, one person in Tennessee died due to being attacked and bitten by a dog.

It is also essential to speak with a dog bite injury attorney to determine if you have grounds for a lawsuit. The law offices of Chadwick and Trignor, P.C. represents dog bite victims in the middle Tennessee, Wilson County area. We are well versed in the Tennessee’s unique dog bite laws and will help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Who is liable for a dog bite In Tennessee?

The dog bite law in Tennessee is complicated because strict liability applies in some cases while one bite liability applies in others.

A dog’s owner can be held strictly liable for an injury that occurs while the dog is running at large and not under reasonable control, if the victim did not provoke the attack or if the injured person was lawfully on private property not owned, rented or inhabited by the dog’s owner, regardless of whether he or she was aware that the animal was dangerous.

If the injury occurs on property owned, rented or leased, by the dog owner, however, the one bite rule applies. This means that the owner can only be held liable if he or she knew, or should have known, the dog was dangerous because it had previously bitten a person.

Lastly, it is important to note that the dog bite law does not apply to a military or police dog in the performance of its official duties, if the injured person was trespassing or provoked the dog, or if the dog was confined in a kennel

Recovering Damages for Dog Bites

If you were injured in a dog bite accident, proving your claim can be difficult. Generally, it is necessary to demonstrate that the person you are suing actually owned the dog and that the bite resulted in an injury. The experienced dog bite accident attorneys at Chadwick and Tignor, P.C. can help determine whether your claim will be successful.

Ultimately, the damages you may recover depend on a number of factors such as how seriously you were injured or the degree to which you may have contributed to the accident. However, you may be able to obtain compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering and property damage. We will fight for your right to just compensation. If you suffered a dog bite injury in the middle Tennessee area call our office today for a free consultation.