Post-Divorce Checklist

Post-Divorce Checklist

  • Nov 8 2016

Going through a divorce can be a difficult process. Once the process is complete and the divorce is final, you can finally breath a sigh of relief. However, there are still some more steps that you must take in order to follow the provisions of the divorce. These steps will also help to secure the legal and financial aspects of your life as a single person.

Checklist Criteria

The following is a helpful checklist of the steps that remain after a divorce. While every step may not necessarily apply to you, there may be some of these items that are of the utmost importance to get done immediately.

  • Divide any property as your divorce papers state.
  • Remove your ex-spouse’s name from the mortgage title or lease if necessary.
  • Have a quitclaim deed executed that will transfer the title of property to your spouse as directed by the divorce papers. Your ex-spouse will need to do the same as directed.
  • Be sure that your name has been removed from debts or loans that you are no longer responsible for.
  • Update your auto insurance policy to reflect new drivers or address changes.
  • Update the title for any vehicles that you have retained ownership of after the divorce.
  • If your name has changed after your divorce, notify any creditors that you may have.
  • Visit the Social Security Administration to update your name change.
  • Update your driver’s license to reflect your name change.
  • Change your address on your driver’s license if you have moved.
  • Notify all creditors that your address has changed if you have moved from the marital home.
  • Update your bank information with your new name and address.
  • Remove your ex-spouse’s name from any bank information.
  • Remove your ex-spouse from your credit cards or apply for credit in your name only.
  • Update the beneficiary on your life insurance policy if you are able to by your divorce decree.
  • Keep any employer informed of information they may need to know about your divorce such as court-ordered support.
  • Pay any alimony or child support on time.
  • Write a new will.

While it may take some time to adjust to your new life, the above steps can help you through that process. If you have any questions, it is important to contact a professional divorce attorney to schedule a consultation.

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