Who Is Responsible for Child Support in Tennessee?

Who Is Responsible for Child Support in Tennessee?

  • Nov 8 2016

For those living in Tennessee, it can be confusing to understand the laws revolving around child support. Child support is the act of sending money to the primary care provider of a child who is biologically your own. Child support is crucial for the care and necessities that a child needs such as food, clothing, educational needs and more.

Understanding the child support laws in the state of Tennessee can help you better determine what is required of you, and how to challenge your child support ruling if you feel you are over or under paying a child support amount.

Paying Child Support

The person who has either fathered or mothered a child and does not have primary custody is the one responsible for paying child support. For example, if you have a child who lives full-time with their mother or father and you do not have any time with that child or very little time, the judge will deem you responsible for aiding in the care of the minor child through monetary means to support the finances of the primary parent.

Estimated Payments

Payments made to child support are estimated using a variety of tools. For one, your income and salary will be taken into account to see how much you are able to afford. The overall cost of the care of the child is also taken into account and mutually; this will estimate the amount of child support that needs to be paid each month.

Challenged Payments

In Tennessee, if you are required to pay child support, you can challenge the cost of what you pay, or challenge having to pay for child support altogether. If you doubt paternity, a basic medical test can be done to ensure that the child you are paying child support for is biologically your own.

If you struggle to afford the amount ordered, you can challenge the child support total you pay by providing accurate data and information on your own living costs. By showing proof of your finances, you may be able to lower the cost of child support if it is deemed you cannot afford the current amount. This is all done in a court of law in the state of Tennessee.

It is important to seek counsel when dealing with matters of child support. A lawyer will be able to help you outline a strategy for any challenges you need to make and educate you on the inner workings of child support cases in the state of Tennessee.

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