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E-Cigarette Explosions And Filed Lawsuits

  • Posted on: Oct 27 2017
  • By: states that over the last decade, vaporizers, or electronic cigarettes have already become a $3.5 billion industry, drawing in many into a “safer” smoking community.  However, that simply has …

The Impact of Opioid Use Beyond the User

  • Posted on: Jun 16 2017
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Q: How can drug use impact or injure innocent third parties? In Tennessee and across America the opioid epidemic is spreading, not only endangering the lives of the addicts but …

Is Your Estate Plan Out of Date?

  • Posted on: May 30 2017
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Q: If I already have a Last Will and Testament, why would I need to change it? So many adults know– or suspect– that they need to see an estate …

Wrongful Death Claim against the Memphis Police

  • Posted on: Apr 27 2017
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Q: When is a police officer’s shooting justified and when is a resulting death wrongful? As long as there are police officer-involved shootings and civilian deaths therefrom, there will be …

“Killa” at the Birthday Party

  • Posted on: Mar 21 2017
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Dog bite injury attorney in Tennessee

Q: Who is responsible for a dog bite injury if the dog was provoked? When the confetti settled after a birthday party gone awry, there were two different bleeding bite …

Man Against Machine

  • Posted on: Feb 28 2017
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Pedestrian accident attorney in Tennessee

Q: Who is responsible for damages sustained in a pedestrian accident? Pedestrian accidents fall within the umbrella of personal injury law and they’re rising nationwide as well as in areas …